Rats - A Category Theory Library for Rust

Rats - A Category Theory Library for Rust

Yeah, things have been slow on my end.

With the imminent stabilization of GATs (Generic Associated Types) on Rust (read more here) a way around the the lack of HKTs (Higher Kinded Types) on Rust is being introduced.

This is just a bunch of fancy words for saying that now you can write a proper Monad in Rust!

Having this in mind I am happy to introduce a new project, Rats. The goal is to have a proper full Categories library implementation, including typelasses, datatypes and effects.

Tha name is a play on the Cats library from the Scala ecosystem, which is where most of my experience on pure FP comes from. Of course, Cats is itself a play on the word Categories. So it is bad jokes all the way down.

Feel free to go on our Github or contact us through Gitter. Help is always welcome!

Once we have are close to a version 1.0 I will write a post about being my experience with it.

See yall soon! Stay safe, stay healthy